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Game-changing talks and panels, bringing together some of the leading conscious change makers and thought leaders in Asia and beyong. A feast for your mind and motivation come one person, leaver another.


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Protect The Planet

Awareness of our footprint leads to greater understanding of the impact we have on our planet, inspiring us to operate more consciously and positively.

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Innovation For Good

We are idea junkies and man do we love some of the awesome creative things people are doing.

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Crystal Clear

We like looking at life with both eyes WIDE open – you know, knowing where stuff comes from, who made it and how it got to us.

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Power To The People

Ethical/ fair-trade / female empowerment – if you value the people behind your products this value is for you. People are the new profit.

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Pro Animal Life

This one’s for the animal lovers, vegetarians and vegans. Animals also have a conscious, family and friends. Like us, they deserve to be treated with respect.

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Well-For Your-Being

“Love yourself and serve the others.” Our conscious journey starts with us – the chocies we make, how we show up in the world and taking care of ourselves.